Venø Inn

Venø Inn is situated on the west coast of Venø in scenic surroundings, close to the Limfjord , 5 km north of the ferry and only 200 m north of  Venø Harbour. From inside the inn one can enjoy the  sunset over the Limfjord . The  patio area is used when the weather allows. The history of the inn dates back to 1903 when the  house was built for the “captain” of the mail boat between Struer and  Venø. His wife and daughter made the place known as “ Pension Postgaarden”, where  guests could  recreate with salt water baths and  among other local products the menu consisted of gull’s eggs.  Today the kitchen offers local as well as international food with products from far and wide. Specialities such as ‘rulleaal’ and ‘Venø Bøf’ are of course a part of the menu. We are looking forward to welcoming you.
Reservation : 97 86 80 06
Kontaktinfo: Jacob Fussing/Susanne Lysgaard Pedersen, tel. 97 86 80 06